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Melissa Campanelli

Editor-in-Chief, Total Retail

Melissa Campanelli is the Editor-in-Chief of Total Retail, a monthly print magazine, website and e-letter (Total Retail Report) that’s all about the integration of sales channels, including print/catalog, transactional websites and retail stores, as well as email, mobile, social media and more.

Melissa is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Target Marketing Group’s eM+C brand, a series of e-letters, webinars and virtual trade shows focusing on the world of e-marketing and e-commerce.

Prior to those positions, Melissa spent ten years at DM News, where she was first a senior editor and then deputy editor. She’s also a leading expert in small business e-commerce and author of the books “Entrepreneur Magazine’s Open an Online Business in 10 Days” and “55 Surefire Internet Businesses You Can Start for Under $5,000.”